Why should I buy a ad?

Boost your traffic, be a part of Internet history, do a cool thing and it only cost $1. How can you refuse such an offer?

What is

One big fat ad. Thats what you see at the frontpage. Lot's of people can see and click it. When you upload a ad it stays on the frontpage until another ad is uploaded. But don't be sorry, all uploaded ads are always viewable with the random-function.

Why did you do this site?

I always loved the Internet. All strange and funny stuff you can find. Now it's my turn to contribute with The site is a experiment. After browsing "The Million Dollar Homepage" I thougt it was a great idea but the ads were so small and quite expensive. I decided to try a different take, you're browsing the result. :-)

Who are you?

My name is Mattias and I live in a icy corner of the world called Stockholm, Sweden.

How long will last?

My ambition is forever. But seriously, you can't expect much for $1. Everything depends on how the experiment turns out.

How big and fat can my ad be?

The sky is the limit. No, there is a limit of 100 kB and I recommed you to keep it at 10-100 kB for quick loading. The format is free to choose but width 364px and height 242px is the perfect format for the frame.

How does the payment work?

You pay via the secure PayPal-system with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or your PayPal account. The system is automatic so the minute Paypal registers the payment your ad goes live on There is no hidden fees or extra costs, just $1.

How about a standard banner?

No problem. Just upload and preview.

Can I upload a flashbanner?

No. Not yet. But I'm considering that for a option.

I don't have a ad or a banner. But I want to advertise!

Well, you have to hire a designer for your ad. I can't take any assignments for the moment.

How can I contact you?

Send a e-mail to mattias [a]